Roof Restorations

 A roof restoration is an excellent choice for both sustainability and the longevity of your investment. The process of restoring a commercial roof is unique in that it seldom entails removing existing roofing materials – it is about adding to what is already there.

Roof before it is restored.



There are a variety of roof restoration products available. But generally speaking, commercial roof restoration involves adding one or more layers of an elastomeric coating to a still structurally-sound roof.

In many cases, adding a coating to the existing roof can actually give you more protection for less of an investment than a roof replacement would. For example, if your existing commercial roof membrane is about 45-mils thick (a mil is 0.001 inches; 45-mils is 0.045 inches), and you add a coating in the amount of 32 dry mils, you now have a total of 77-mils of total wearing protection.

Compare this to a typical roof replacement where you have completely removed the existing roof before installing the new roof. While the new roofing membrane may be thicker than the original that was removed, you’d still not be adding much, if anything.

Let’s say you remove your 45-mil roofing membrane and replace it with a 60-mil membrane. Technically, you have added 15-mils of membrane. But at the end of the day you still end up with a total of 60-mils.

Now, take the same example above and add a nominal dry milage of 32 to the already-existing 45-mil membrane and you end up with 77-mils of total wearing protection.

That’s an increase of nearly 30%, and you were able to do it with less expense, less impact to the environment, and a lot less mess and hassle than what would be experienced with a typical roof replacement scenario.

Roof restoration also has long-term warranties available and often carry with it tax benefits as well – a repair and maintenance item versus a capital expense.

While every situation is unique and warrants a professional evaluation, very often a restoration can really save you money and offer benefits that just can’t be realized any other way.

Act Now While There's Still Time

If you wait too long to address the needs of your roof, you may run out of options and cost yourself thousands.