Roof Overlays and Replacements

There’s no way around it: sometimes a roof just needs to be replaced. Too much time has gone by and there’s too much damage or too much deterioration to the roof and there remains no reasonable way to restore what’s there.

When that is the case, RTN Roofing's commercial flat roofing replacement services can help. Since a roof replacement is often the most costly of roofing repair options, you should understand what your options are so you don’t waste money on a product or installation method that will ultimately fail.

But what do we mean when we say “roof replacement?” To fully understand what replacement means, it’s probably best to compare and contrast the terminology as it relates to the various ways a roofing need can be addressed.

Three Basic Roofing Scenarios

A roof replacement generally describes the process of removing one or more existing roofing systems before installing a new roofing system in its place.

Overlay (aka,Recover)
A roof overlay typically describes the process of leaving an existing roofing system in place and installing a new roofing system on top of it. Sometimes “recover” is interchanged with “overlay.”

Roof restoration describes the process of restoring a roof to a like-new condition by enhancing its appearance, “watertightness,” and performance against the elements. It is usually accomplished by installing a fluid-applied membrane of elastomeric coating.

Re-Roof or Reroof
Rather than serving as a fourth roofing scenario, a “re-roof” is a catchall term that typically refers to a roof replacement or overlay.

So, a re-roofing project could be a replacement scenario where some form of tear-off is required, or it could be an overlay scenario where the exiting roofing system remains in place and a new roofing system is installed on top of it.

Work With a Contractor You Can Trust

When the time comes and your roof needs to be replaced, let RTN Roofing Systems help. With all of the options and possible scenarios that might be unique to your roof, it’s critical to work with a contractor that understands the importance and concepts like roof substrates, structural integrity, and code compliance, as well as the various installation types and methods.

Act Now While There's Still Time

If you wait too long to address the needs of your roof, you may run out of options and cost yourself thousands.