Products We Use

Yes, we can do EVERYTHING! But why?

When you do too many things you become average at all of it. But do a FEW THINGS and then you can become experts at ALL THAT YOU DO!

So, yes. We can do EPDM, TPO, PVC, asphalt shingles, modified - granulated and smooth, KEE (aka, Evaloy), slate, clay and concrete tile, metal, cedar shingles and shakes, solar tiles, and "living" roofs.  Out of breath yet?

The problem is that not all roofing products are created equal. And if we DO IT ALL, we have to stand behind all of what we do. So, just because we can do it all, WE DONT!

RTN Roofing Systems has been very selective about the roofing products we offer. We only choose the products that have the highest quality - products that we can STAND BEHIND. 

Let me ask you: If we installed a roof for you and it failed, who would you blame? Would you blame the product or the installer? You see, we can't afford to have our reputation tarnished by inferior products.

So based on millions of square feet of roof installations, trial and error, we know what we can stand behind. It may seem simplistic, but there are only two that have our mark of approval:

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Act Now While There's Still Time

If you wait too long to address the needs of your roof, you may run out of options and cost yourself thousands.